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The goals of speech therapy are to exploit them one's communication abilities, enhancing one's self-esteem, and the restoration of speech comprehension and expression abilities. Also h training in alternative ways of communication (symbol system, meanings, design, communication book), articulation improvement, h chewing and swallowing problems and finally increasing it one's ability to deal with activities of daily living (money handling, travel, social contacts).
My problem was treated with patience and method
Dimitris T.
Great experience I highly recommend it.
Stefanos T.

Vania Labropoulou

Graduate of Patras Department of Speech Therapy. From then until June 2011 he worked with the Center FILOKTITIS Recovery Rehabilitation, where he provided services speech therapy in adults with speech, speech, and speech problems swallowing. In addition he worked with Diagnostic & Therapeutic Centers doing diagnosis and treatment in children with speech, speech, and speech disorders swallowing. He is currently working in the Physical Rehabilitation Team 'EGERSIS' (Director of Physiology Mr. G. Vissarakis), Head of Department speech therapy. It also has its own Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center in the area of New Smyrna. Finally, he is an ASTEST Authorized Partner (School readiness test).




Speaking of spelling, it's worth mentioning first writing ability, which is a basic skill of school children, who spend a great deal percentage of their time at school writing. It is one communication tool and provides a means for viewing thoughts, feelings and ideas.
Specific Language Impairment

Specific Language Impairment

Language is a system of sounds and notions that are used by human communities to communicate. THE Language acquisition is a notable feature of it early language development.
Questions about dyslexia

Questions about dyslexia

What is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty in processing Writing (reading, writing and spelling), disproportionate to the intelligence index of the child, who varies at an average or higher level.